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About Film Pools

Who We Are

Film Pools Inc., is the leading provider of underwater studio tanks and portable tanks for the film industry. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us the premier choice for motion picture projects in North America and internationally.

Our Services

Our range of portable underwater studios and modular tanks is designed to support the dynamic needs of the film industry. With diameters ranging from 48 to 138 feet and depths from 5 to 21 feet, our tanks are perfect for both above and below water scenes.

Engineering Excellence

Safety and reliability are at the core of our designs. All our tanks are engineered to meet the stringent seismic standards of California, ensuring a secure environment for your production, regardless of location.

Versatility and Efficiency

Our portable tanks can be delivered and constructed nearly anywhere in the world. Setup is swift, typically requiring between 2 to 5 days depending on the tank size. Within just 10 days, your tank will be ready for action—equipped with water that's adjusted to be as clear or as murky as your project requires.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Shots

Film Pools Inc. is equipped to handle the most complex of shots. Whether your scene involves large set decorations or simulates deep water environments, our tanks offer a versatile and efficient solution. Enhanced by custom-made green and blue screens and advanced pipe rigging, our setups are perfect for integrating seamless special effects (SPX) and visual effects (VFX).

We Serve

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Our Services

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Project Consultation


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Equipment Rental


Film Pools

Your Partner in Underwater Film Projects

Choose Film Pools Inc. for your next underwater film project. Our services and expert team are dedicated to turning your creative visions into reality, ensuring that every project is as stunning visually as it is safe and sound in execution.

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