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Where Innovation Meets the Deep Blue

Custom Underwater Studios & Modular Tanks

At Film Pools, we specialize in designing and providing custom-built underwater studios and modular tanks tailored to the unique needs of each production. Whether you require a compact tank for tight shots or a massive studio for an elaborate set, our solutions are engineered to be versatile, transportable, and easy to install. This means you can set up a professional-grade underwater filming environment anywhere—from the heart of the city to remote locations.

Project Consultation

Underwater photography sequences and the preparation for them can be complex, and this is where we shine.  It all begins early with good planning and careful communication.

We take care of all the logistical aspects of your production, from helping you find the perfect site, permitting and water sourcing to engineering and scheduling considerations.  


We take costs into consideration from start to finish to ensure a safe but efficient tank shoot.

Project consultation


It’s all about teamwork and communication - because of our extensive expertise in the technical aspects of film production, we collaborate and communicate with all departments from Props, Costumes, Visual Effects, Special Effects, to Construction, Grips, Lighting and Camera.

Our expertise lies in our ability to break each project into manageable pieces in order to coordinate and balance the complex technical and creative artistic needs of the production from pre-production to shooting day.

Pre-production Planning

Equipment Rental

Rent our tanks as a basic service.  Tank rentals include heaters, pumps, filters, and plumbing equipment.

We can arrange green screens, blue screens, and underwater rigging/diving gear. 

Equipment rental

Why Choose Us

Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes us the first choice for filmmakers seeking to create impactful underwater scenes. With Film Pools, you gain a partner who is as invested in the success of your project as you are. From initial consultation to wrapping the final shoot, we are here to support your production with state-of-the-art technology and expert guidance.

What People Say...

Thanks again for all your amazing work on the pilot - the tank days were certainly a thrill for all of us and the results were beautiful! We loved our tank days and Jon was the best (and I'm not just saying that because it was the warmest set we had for the entire shoot!)

- Eric Wald
Executive Producer (Siren) 

  • What is the timeframe or lead time required to mobilize a tank?
    Usually, 30 days is about the right time frame to deliver and construct the tank and be camera ready. We find the more lead time the better the results.
  • Will my location work for my project?
    Film Pools has placed tanks in some very complex and sensitive locations. Involving us for the location survey and tank placement will be beneficial to the overall results of your production. Almost any location is possible with good lead time and planning. We look at the location from the perspective of all departments including SPX, stunts, grip, lighting, and transport access.
  • Is there a staging area for trucks and equipment?
    This depends solely on your location. It is advisable to have a good working space around the tank installation area
  • What colour are the interior tank walls?
    Walls are standard black. We also have custom-made chemical resistant digital blue and green screens ready for use.
  • What is the tank/water access?
    This depends on the height of the tank. Sometimes existing structures, scaffolding or sea containers can be used.
  • How do you get large/heavy set pieces into the tank?
    Forklift, telehandler, chain motors or cranes are used to move set pieces in and out of the tank
  • Can tanks be built around constructed set builds?
    Yes, tanks can built around set pieces and flooded after.
  • Is engineering required?
    Water is heavy. Engineering approval is almost always required depending on location. Film Pools can arrange engineering approval.
  • What are the insurance requirements?
    Film Pools works with your production to ensure adequate insurance coverage so that everyone is protected.

Film Pools

Where Your Underwater Vision Comes to Life

Contact us today to discuss your project needs and learn how Film Pools can elevate your production to the next level. It’s not just about making movies; it’s about making them smarter, safer, and with spectacular precision. Ready to dive in?

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