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The Decision to Choose Film Pools is Easy

  • Save your production time by having your own custom tank - so you can schedule freely.


  • Save production costs through ease of scheduling and controlled environments - no need to worry about bad weather, cold water or water clarity.

  • Shoot in a safe and controlled environment - our tanks are designed for film productions and certified and stamped for Seismic standards for California and the EU.

  • Shoot where you want to shoot - choose a location where there are favourable tax credits in the facility that best suits your needs and budget. Both interior and exterior options are possible.


  • Schedule easily! No waiting for studios or working around public pool facilities schedules.  And bonus -  you can train and rehearse in the same location.


  • Create elaborate and prebuilt sets and get the complex SPX and VFX shots you need to make your feature a winner - sunken sets, cars, boats, planes, waves, current, ice, fire, docks, debris, these and more are all possible.


  • Work with the experts in underwater production safety. 

  • Save valuable production time and costs by consulting with us early.

250 +

Related Projects

2.5 Million

Gallons of Water
in our tanks in 2017


Hours Saved



Film Pools Inc. provides portable underwater studios and modular tanks for above and below water, film industry projects for the motion picture industry in North America and beyond.  Tanks are engineered to California seismic standards. They are also EU certified. 

Many options are available, from basic tank rental to full service tank and dive coordination and dive equipment rentals.

Ranging in size from 48 to 138 feet in diameter and depths ranging from 5 - 21 feet, these modular tanks can be delivered anywhere and can be constructed in almost any location. 


Construction times vary depending on the size - usually between 2 - 5 days.  Your tank can be rehearsal and camera ready in 10 days or less - which means the water will be warm and crystal clear (or murky if that is your project's requirements).

Used by productions for complex shots, often with large set dec pieces and simulating long depths of field and deep water requirements, these tanks are versatile, efficient and an extremely safe alternative to open water options.  Custom made green and blue screens and pipe rigging allow for seamless SPX and VFX.

Take a look at some of our recent projects here.

We help Producers and Directors make their creative ideas a reality by working with their concepts and storyboards to create a
safe and efficient  production plan.  


Early consultation is key.


& Experienced.

Jon Stephenson owner of Film Pools Inc. and founding company Liquid Film Productions has over 20 years of underwater film and technical experience in the motion
picture film industry.

Jon works collaboratively with the production team in the pre-production planning process, and manages and coordinates the tank unit during construction and active filming as well as providing underwater dive coordination planning and consulting.

Because of his extensive onset experience, Jon has a keen ability to see the big picture while not losing sight of the smallest details and is able to organize the steps to avoid expensive mistakes early on in the planning and construction process.


With over 250 projects worked on in his career,
he has worked in various capacities
on and in the water as:  
Marine & Underwater Coordinator,
Dive Supervisor, Performer Dive Trainer, Performer, Safety Diver, SPFX Diver, Underwater Grip and River Safety Coordinator and
Grip, Lighting and Rigging.

{ partial list of films and television series }

Position:  Tank Coordinator


Night Agent, Jigsaw, Black Panther 2, Florida Man, Breathe, Stranger Things, Chicago Fire, Gray Man, Eleos, Suicide Squad 2, Sweet Girl, Batwoman, Awake, Breakthrough, Deadpool 2, Power Rangers, Break My Heart, The Crossing, Tully, Siren, The 100, Series of Unfortunate Events, Somewhere Between, Midnight Sun, Snow Piercer,
Death Note, Beyond, Brotherhood

Position:  Marine Coordinator


The Shack, IZombie, Maple Bay Lodge, Louis Drax, Bates Motel, Motive, Tomorrow Land, The Ninth Passenger


Position:  Dive Coordinator


The Revenant, The Man in the High Castle, The 100, Lucifer, Riverdale, Once Upon a Time, Monster Trucks, Godzilla, Superman, Marmaduke, Backstrom, Cedar Cove, Continuum, Red Widow, Percy Jackson, Seventh Son, Horns, Psych, Underworld, Planet of the Apes, Mission Impossible 4, Fringe, Chaos, Final Destination 5, The Big Year, Human Target, Charlie St. Cloud, Betwixt, Sanctuary, 2012, The Guard, Twilight Eclipse, Harpers  Island, Beth Cooper, Jennifer’s Body, Triple Dog, Troglodyte, Loch Ness, Fantastic Four 2, Alien vs. Predator 2, Case 39, The Shooter, Are we done Yet?, The Mermaid Chair, Luna: The Way Home, Pathfinder, Chaos Theory, Invisible, Dungeon Seige,  Wickerman, Smallville, Men in Trees, Dragon Boys, Supernatural, Masters of Horror


Position:  SPFX/Safety Diver


X Files, Solutrean, The Mountain Between Us, 100, Fringe, Freddy vs. Jason; The Fog, Electra, Quantico, Cat woman, Tru Calling, RV, Dead like Me, Dark Angel, The L Word, Intelligence, Merlin’s Apprentice, Wilder Days, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Earthsea, Traffic, Out of Order, House of the Dead, Night Visions, The Sixth Day, Y2K, Romeo Must Die, Fantastic Four, Traffic, House of the Dead, additional multiple commercials and documentaries


Position:  Second Unit Key Grip, Grip, Rigger, Best Boy, Electrics


Cooking Lessons, Stargate, White Noise, Suspense Theatre, School of Life, Killer Bees,

Wildfire 7, Hyundai (Commercial), X-Men 2, Santa Clause 2, Halloween 8, Home Room, Just Deal, Los Luchadores, Mindstorm, The Immortal, Homewood PI, Electra’s Guy, Epicenter, Sister Blue, The Spring

We take all your pre-production planning off your plate - no headaches - and you get the shots you want - when you want.



Underwater Crew & Dive  Coordination

We bring all the crew and diving elements together so you don’t have to.


We can organize, coordinate and manage all aspects of diving camera, grips, lighting, safety crew and stunts, actor training and safety. We also train your talent to work underwater safely.

Project Consulting
& Pre-production 

Underwater photography sequences and the preparation for them can be complex, and this is where we shine.  It all begins early with good planning and
careful communication.


We take care of all the logistical aspects of your production, from helping you find the perfect site, permitting and water sourcing to... more

Equipment Rental

Rent our tanks as a basic service.  Tank rentals include heaters, pumps and filters and plumbing equipment.

Or add on dive and underwater 
equipment packages, green screens, blue screens and underwater rigging. 

Take a look at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

Thanks again for all your amazing work on the pilot - the tank days were certainly a thrill for all of us and the results were beautiful! We loved our tank days and Jon was the best (and I'm not just saying that because it was the warmest set we had for the entire shoot!)  


Eric Wald

Executive Producer (Siren)


Directors of Photography appreciate
the crystal clear water and talent enjoys consistently warm temperatures.

Crew and talent love our tanks!



Learn more about making
your project a reality.

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